Pinpoints your body systems strengths and weakness'. It is for identifying potential health concerns early and provides you with the opportunity to restore balance. For a healthier and happier you! Consultation 30 minutes
Includes your Health MOT to pinpoint any health concerns, with a FREE 3 Day Menu Planner with Dietary Advice a Nutrition Report based on a one day food diary. Consultation 45 minutes

Includes your Health MOT pinpointing health concerns The Silver Program Targets
Sports nutrition e.g., BMI reduction or weight gain, muscle increase, recipe ideas! Menu Planners more tailored for individual….. plus a 3 day Nutrition report that requires a food diary a Zinc tally test is taken to check your levels, Supplementation Guidance if needed consultation 60 minutes gold-programme
A full Consultation with a Three Month Treatment plan, Personalised Eating Plan, Menu Plans to suit your lifestyle …, a full seven day Nutrition Report that requires a seven day food diary
The Gold Programme includes diagnostic tests e.g. Blood Pressure , Iridology , Tongue / Nail diagnosis
. Non evasive
consultation 90 minutes